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It still doesn't look like I can sign up for classes yet. I checked out the registration calendar, and if I'm reading it right, I only have a single day to register on the Friday before classes start in August, since I'm classified as a non-degree-seeking student. On top of that, the main class I need to take (chemistry) is already full, at least the sections that aren't reserved for freshmen. I need to get over my nervousness about talking to people and contact someone who might be able to get me into the class. I tried to map out what I thought would be the best possible schedule for me, even considering the sections that are already full, so that I can miss as little work as possible. Taking just two classes with labs, I would have to cut out at least 4 hours a week from my work schedule, even working late any night I didn't have class. Plus, I'd have to cut out Rock Gym Wednesday. Maybe I should get a different job? Or get an extra weekend job to make up for the time lost at my current one? Maybe I should try to change my status to "degree-seeking" and quit my job and take on more student loan debt and go to school full time? All of these options are so risky.